It’s OK to call bullsh!t: Hearthstone’s Top 5 Most Annoying Combos

When one of these happens, you know you’re royally screwed. Here’s a quick guide on how to survive some of the more common causes for QQ, and also punish that cheesy little spitz for trying to cheese you. Hopefully. At the end of the day, it’s all up to the almighty gods of RNG – which is what…

It’s OK to call bullsh!t: Hearthstone’s Top 5 Most Annoying Combos was originally published on Odeena Sabnach’s blog


The hardest part of ending is starting again.
- Linkin Park, ‘Waiting for the end

It’s the fourth time I delete my website and start from scratch. Looking back, I know I wrote some things I’d swear by to this day, and other things I’d gladly forget I ever thought about. With every new incarnation, changed to reflect the person I was, the person I was becoming.

One day, I wasn’t sure I liked that person anymore.

At the time, was a Romania-centric blog with a lot of complaining and very little of anything else. On that fateful day, I realized that I didn’t want to be known as a chronic complainer, not when the world offered so much more stuff to blog about.

So I took down the website, stuck a half-arsed placeholder instead of the usual index page, and resolved to take a long break from blogging while I decided what to do with this domain. I even made it a New Year’s Resolution to change my website to better reflect not the person I was, not the person I was becoming, but the person I wanted to become.

Nearly three months later, I think I’m starting to understand who I want that person to be.

Welcome to the new, more colorful and more cautiously optimistic
Enjoy your stay!

Welcome! was originally published on Odeena Sabnach